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stunned."LEADING BY EXAMPLEXi's first-hand experience with poverty only encourag▓ed him to eradicate it in China for good.In Li▓angjiahe village where Xi worked for seven years▓ from 1969, he was inspired by the success of Dazhai, a model village in n

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poor acce▓ss, few higher-level officia

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eighboring Shanxi Province, wher▓e villagers had enough to eat through ▓the hard work to harvest grain. Xi and fellow villagers of Liangjiahe dreamed of "having corn flour for meals"▓ for the whole year, too."I just tur▓ned 20 at that time, and I was mainly thinking about ways to let everyone to har

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vest a little more grain and have a little pocket money," Xi said.X▓i led the villagers in digging wells, building te

e first prefectura

rrac▓es and sediment storage dams, and setting up the province's first methane-generating pit.He also invited the v

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illage's three blacksmiths, who had been working elsewhere, to come back to set up an iron cooperative."Forging t▓h

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e iron could generate some income. Only by making some money could we get things done."Amo▓ng some 30,000 young peopl

Design must reflect the practical and aesthetic in business but above all... good design must primarily serve people.

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who had ever been there,

" X▓i said.In

n'an region from Beijing, Xi was the first▓ to work as a Party branch secretary at that time. H▓e was awarded a three-wheeled motorcycle by the Beijing municipal government."The motorcycle was useless in the village. It was even impossible to drive i▓t into the village. Better to exchange it ▓for

1997, Xi, then de

something practical," Xi recalled.He then went to the agricultural bureau of Yan'an and exchanged t▓he motorcycle for a hand tractor, a flo▓ur milling machine, a grain thrower, a ri▓ce milling machine an

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f the C▓PC Fujian Provi

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d a submersible pump, for villagers.RURAL REFORM IN ZHENGDINGReform took an early root in Xi's thinking about governance.From 1982 to 1985, Xi▓ served first as deputy secretary and then secretary of the▓ CPC Zhengding County Committee in Hebei."The househo▓ld contract responsibility system had not

been put into ▓place when I arrived," Xi said.At the core of China's last round of rural reform, the household responsibility system meant farmers could be allocated▓ land by contract and were entitled ▓to any surpluses to the market or retain them for their own use.In 1983, the secreta▓ry of Lishuangdian Commune proposed to pilot the system on a pie

ce of land in his ju▓risdiction."Both I and another deputy secretary of t▓he county committee supported him. One year after, only his commune reaped a good harvest compa▓red with the ordinary output elsewhere," Xi said. "Suddenly all the people in the county said this seemed to be a viable way, and the system final▓ly got widely implemented.""At that

time, Zhengding was a ▓pure agricultural county. I proposed to pursue diversified economic development and a 'semi-suburba▓n' economic model since the county is close to Shijia▓zhuang," Xi said. "The county [government] set up an office for diversified economy, and I was concurrently th▓e CPC County Committee's deputy secretary and the offi▓ce's dire

ctor.""The five communes south to the Hutuo Rive▓r had done a good job. Many people went to work in Shijiazhuang by bike in the morning," Xi said. "In the Shijiazhuang markets, the vegetables were produced in Zhengding, ▓those who were selling brooms and simple fu▓rniture were from Zhengding, and the guardians of the boiler rooms and the gates were

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also from▓ Zhengding."FUJIAN'S SHED & SMALL BOAT RESIDENTSWhen working in Fujian, Xi often visited fami▓lies that had lived in thatched sheds and small wooden boats for generations, and would ponder

ihaigu, a

how to li▓ft them out of poverty."Most of the fishing boats ▓were in a dreadful state, without electricity or water supplies. The boats were low, gloomy and damp. Certain fish▓ermen who did not have a boat just m▓ade shacks, where it was hot in summer, cold in winter, and hard to shelter from wind and rain," Xi said.After doing research, Xi submi▓tted a report to the CPC Fujian provincial committee, proposing resettling those living▓ in thatched sheds and small boats."Communist Party members must have no peace of mind, day and night, to see people living in such

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secretary of▓ the CPC Fujian provincial committee."We are a socialist ▓country. Having taken the first steps to prosper, the coastal regions in the east should not leave other areas alo▓ne. We need to achieve common prosperity," Xi said.Within the framework of counterpart assistance, wells were dug and cellars bui

umans, by visiting experts

from the United Natio

lt to store water f▓or drinking and irrigation in Ningxia.Xi encouraged researchers in Fujian and Ningxia to develop technology to improve potato yields. Residents in Xiji County, southern Ningxia, saw the▓ir incomes increase after planting potatoes and selling them to Fujian businesses.The Fujian g▓overnment al

s left out of China's he

adlong rush to riches

so supported Ningxia to relocate people from impoverished areas. As a pilot project,▓ several thousand families moved from Xihaigu to a better area near the regional capital, Yinchuan."The measure proved effective and we created a sustainable path," Xi said.MAKE TARGETED EFFORTSWhatever Xi's positi▓on is, he ha

mic reform."The families I

visited did not have

s always highly valued precision in poverty alleviation."You should not bomb fleas with grenades," Xi said, stressing that money should be spent in the right place.In late 2013, Xi visited a remote village in central Hunan Province, where he met only senior▓s, children and women, as the young and robust had left

drink▓ing water -- salty

to taste -- was fetched

to work in cities."I figured, how could they possibly pursue any major projects. So I said we might as well get you some 'legs' -- several black pigs, cattle and goats for every househol▓d. The senior villagers were very ple▓ased, saying it was exactly what they wanted," Xi said.Back when Xi served as deputy Par

. The villagers did not ev

en have the luxury of sh

ty chief and governor of▓ Fujian Province, he proposed "making real efforts to help the really poor."Since he became the Party's leader in 2012, he has insisted on seeing▓ "real poverty" every time he has reached an impoverished region, such as Fuping county▓ in Hebei Province, Huayuan county in Hunan Provin▓ce a

irst visit to Xihaigu and

nd Dongxiang Autonomous County in Gansu Province."In▓ some localities, people have the misconception that poverty relief goes hand in hand with industrial projects. ▓[But] in deep mountains and forests, where t

the view of pe

here are no professionals or market, and costs are hig▓h, it is not easy to develop industrial projects," Xi▓ said.Poverty relief is all about solving real pro▓blems, according to Xi.He stressed the importan

ople's life th

ce of education and guaranteeing basic public facilities, suc▓h as roads, water and power.He also suggested teaching those in poverty "how to fish" in accordance with their actual conditions and capabilities."The elderly can

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